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We've finished! Amazingly we made it in one piece all the way from Los Angeles to Rio - you can check out our Facebook Page to read all about it - go back through our posts and see what was going on, browse through thousands of beautiful photos. A whole new adveture begins now -
turning our trip into a documentary,
The Ride to Rio, due in winter 2013. We proudly rolled with Pivothead HD Video Sunglasses.

Where Are We?

All our latest updates will be posted here in realtime as we ride down the planet.

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Get involved in our trip! whether it's donating us a meal or giving us a challenge, we'd love to hear from you!

The Gang

Dominic Smith, Andy Robinson, Josh Orem and Miguel Ortiz will be riding together the whole 10,000 miles. We all come from pretty different backgrounds but share a thirst for being stupid and finding adventure.

The Route

Starting in Los Angeles, California and riding down to San Diego, we'll only be in America for a couple of days before heading into Mexico and onward through 10 more countries! Our planned route is: USA > MEXICO > GUATEMALA > HONDURAS > COSTA RICA > PANAMA > COLOMBIA > ECUADOR > PERU > BOLIVIA > BRAZIL

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We're poor and need your help to stop us from dying of hunger along the way! Any donation you can make would go a LONG way!

Thank you so much everyone who donated to our IndieGoGo Page!!


We are overwhelmed with the amount of help and support we've recieved.


One of the best ways to help our trip is to get the word out about it! The more publicity we get the better!

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